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"Evil Man from Krabi": rape case inspires sinister justice song

Musician father warns man alleged to have raped his 19-year-old daughter
Evil man from krabi video 2012 11 12Enlarge
The YouTube-posted music video "Evil Man From Krabi," created by the Dutch father of a 19-year-old woman raped near a Thai beach, promises vengeance against her alleged attacker. (Screengrab)

Dutch musician Cees Koldijik is not quietly accepting the brutal assault of his 19-year-old daughter, whose birthday bash on a Thai beach ended with a trip to the emergency room and a horrific account of rape committed a Thai bargoer.

That's the father in the video below, prowling a dirt road with a rifle, vowing to bring justice to his daughter's attacker. His tune "Evil Man From Krabi," which bears a sonic resemblance to early work by ska pioneers The Specials, asks his daughter's rapist:

Would you like to face me?

When I catch you in the wild?

Would you feel the pain that you put into my child?

The song ends with a single gun shot.

As of today, it's tallied more than 417,000 views. Tourism authorities in the perenially mispronounced coastal province of Krabi (it's gruh-bee, not "crabby") are facing a public relations disaster.

Just what inspired this father to channel his anger into a well-produced music video? In short, it's a lack of faith in the Thai justice system. The accused, according to The Nation news outlet, denied the charges in court and a senior police colonel suggests up to two years could pass without a verdict.

Police have released their own video that insists Koldijik's video displays a "misunderstanding of Thai law" and that they're still collecting evidence per standard operating procedure.

It won't comfort many would-be tourists, however, because the entire clip is in Thai.


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