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Love makes the world go round. 

Desperately seeking bigger breasts

As the British “boob job family" defends spending $77,000 on plastic surgeries, an Ohio woman hits the streets to beg for breast enlargement.
Chrissy Lance, 37, is asking strangers in Ohio for cash to fund her breast enlargement. (

There has been plenty of interesting news this week from the world of breast enlargement.

First, the British family known as the “boob job family” because they collectively spent $77,000 on silicone implants so far, appeared on the This Morning show to defend their multiple operations, The Daily Mail reports.

It all started with the mother, Chantal, 53.


Study: After three-hour sex, squid are left too exhausted to fight for survival

For the first time, scientists study the energetic costs of mating in squid. (And find their three-hour sex sessions frankly aren’t worth the effort).
Sexually promiscuous dumpling squid in the midst of mating. (Mark Norman/Biology Letters/Courtesy)

If you ever wondered about the post-coital habits of squid, today is your lucky day.

It turns out that squid are a lot like humans, except for a few minor details like their customary three-hour athletic sexual abilities.

Scientists of the University of Melbourne collected dumpling squid from the wild and forced the squid — both males and females — to swim to exhaustion in a flume.


Nude cruising. Not just for daring Europeans anymore

Move over, Germany. Carnival’s nude cruise to Panama is expected to be the largest gathering of nudists in the world.
Beware: not all nude cruisers look like this threesome. (Bare Necessities/Courtesy)

Next February, Carnival Cruise liner Carnival Freedom will send its first nude cruise out on the open water.

The eight-day Panama cruise will offer just what one expects from a proper nude vacation to Panama. The only clothing one might consider packing for the trip would be a sun-shielding Panama hat.

I especially like the Valentine's Day stop: Colon, Panama. It sounds like the perfect place for nudists to get all cuddly.


On Israeli women. And their weaponry

Israel is considering ending mandatory military service exemptions to ultra-Orthodox Jews. But that’s not the news that’s making headlines around the world.
Only in Israel. (And in movies with Angelina Jolie.) (Imgur/Courtesy)

This photo went viral last week.

It shows a young woman, probably a soldier, in a bikini, enjoying the sun on a crowded beach in Israel.

Oh, I almost forgot: she also has a machine gun slung over her shoulder.

The photo’s caption: “Only in Israel” says it all.

Because only in Israel can women play out their inner Bond girl fantasies. Even if they didn’t know they had inner Bond girl fantasies.

Take me, for example.

Last week while visiting Tel Aviv, I sat on the train next to a very attractive woman with a rifle.

It’s not that I didn’t know they had mandatory military service for both men and women in Israel, it’s just that I’ve never sat next to an armed woman in public transportation, attractive or not. It’s not the kind of thing that happens on New Jersey Transit.

I tried to play it cool.

I casually put my purse in my lap and she casually took her gun off her shoulder and put it in her lap. I removed my sunglasses, she loosened the heavy belt on her uniform.

“Military service,” she clarified.

“Vacation,” I clarified.

Funny, women have the ability to communicate surprisingly concisely in the presence of an assault weapon.

I can’t say sitting next to an armed 18-year-old woman made me nervous. I can’t even say it made me feel safer. What I felt sitting next to the alpha female — in my pastel-colored summer dress and heels — was pure, distilled inferiority. Mercifully, she wasn’t wearing a bikini.

What is it about guns and bikinis, anyway? What happened to the idea that men are biologically predisposed to desiring to protect the weaker sex? Why the fascination with armed women?

According to Allison Kaplan Sommer, who wrote a blog on about the “hot Israel chick with gun,” it‘s not the bikini. Neither is it the gun. It‘s the combination of the two.

Clearly, Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox have had it right all along.

This is what Sommer wrote on Haaretz:


New Zealand’s hottest wife competition has a winner

Yes, she is the chick with a dead boar slung on her shoulders
Jenna Curtis, the rugged, wild chick that every red blooded Kiwi male dreams of. (The Rock/Courtesy)

She isn’t just a pretty face. She is also a talented boar hunter.

With credentials like these, it's obvious that when it comes to beauty pageants nobody can keep up with the women of New Zealand.

Jenna Curtis of Taranaki has won the crown of Rock Wife 2012, a nationwide radio competition by The Rock station.

The competition's noble goal? To find New Zealand's hottest and best outdoor partner.

The moment after her lucky man, Donald Moratti, sent in a picture of his “missus” with a dead boar slung over her shoulders, New Zealand had its new favorite it girl.

According to The Rock, Curtis received 23 percent of the total votes from the public. She was described as representing “the rugged, wild chick that every red blooded Kiwi male dreams of."

The radio station also said she proved girls can get "down and dirty with nature and still look bloody good doing it."

According to TVNZ, the win follows controversy that erupted after a photo of another wild Kiwi chick hit the news last month.


The year of pink vaginas

Vagina-brightening is yet another thing women can do to perfect their genitals. In other words, to look less like grown women and more like children.
Pink flowersEnlarge
Pink is the new red. (Michael Loccisano/AFP/Getty Images)

It’s been another fruitful year of vaginal evolution.

In the last few years female genitals have arguably gone through more transformation than in the previous million years.

Pubic hair has become, more or less, extinct.

Labiaplasties — mainly those to decrease the size of the labia — have gone mainstream.

But as vaginas "improved," it became obvious they are just not perfect enough.

Enter vaginal brightening.

Welcome to 2012, the year pink vaginas became the thing to have.

I haven’t quite noticed the tipping point in the acceptable coloring of female genitals, but as far as I can tell, it all happened quite gradually.

I am not going to be boring and blame pornography, although I have no doubt porn has affected the way we view — and compare — genitals.

Let’s not forget it was porn — and Sasha Baron Cohen's Bruno, of course — that made anal bleaching a household term a few years ago.

Nowadays, some salons pitch the procedure as a “part of personal hygiene.” Kind of like Brazilian waxing.

Which brings me back to vaginal brightening.

Earlier this year, scientists shook the planet by revealing men prefer pink vaginas over red ones.

All this time, we were being told that red is the sexiest of colors, being fed images of women clad in red lingerie, red lipstick and a red dresses. What we didn’t know is that while red might be the sexiest of colors, its charm doesn’t necessarily apply to female genitals.

When it comes to vaginas — or, to be technically precise, vulvas — men apparently prefer pink shades, not red ones.

That, in a nutshell, is the finding of a study lead by researcher Sarah Johns, anthropologist at the University of Kent, and ">published in the April 6 in the journal PLoS ONE.

The researchers asked 40 heterosexual men to look at 16 images of female genitals in random order and rank them on a 0-to-100 scale of attractiveness.

The results showed that instead of preferring red, perhaps as a sign of fertility (think baboon bottoms), men actually liked pink vulvas the best.

Johns is quoted in LiveScience


India: "Lust and love" murders on the rise

Western influences are to blame for the rise of love-related misery in India: from divorce to murders
60000 weddings in delhiEnlarge
Members from the Rajan Band, Kotla Mubarakpur prepare prior to performing at a wedding on November 23, 2011 in New Delhi, India. (Daniel Berehulak/AFP/Getty Images)

In a country where many still believe love isn't a necessary reason to marry somebody, love sure stirs a lot of heated emotions.

How else would you explain the conclusions from the latest crime statistics in the southern Indian province of Tamil Nadu?

The number of murders under the heading "lust and love affairs" hit 347 in 2011, an increase of 123 percent over the previous three years.

In the same period, the total number of murders increased by only 7 percent, The Times of India reports.

Local police say that love affairs gone wrong have been among the main motives for murder in cities like Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy and Madurai.

The reasons behind the increase in passion crimes aren't clear.

More women in the workplace is one factor apparently leading to an increase in illicit affairs. Here's what Preethi Manohar, counsellor at Suryah Hospital in Vadapalani, told The Times of India:

Women are spending more time at work than at home. They are more opportunities for men and women to mingle, increasing the chances of illicit affairs developing. Many people are developing relationships at the workplace. Intrusion of western culture also plays a role. Live-in relationships have become very common. About 60% of the complaints I deal with are related to love affairs.

This, of course, isn’t the first backlash against love and the impact of Western culture on traditional Indian relationships.


Even monogamous birds indulge in casual flings

Ornithologists used to believe monogamous birds were totally faithful to one another. Turns out they sometimes stray.
Canadian geese are considered monogamous, but have flings on the side. (Phil Inglis/AFP/Getty Images)

Here's another one for the “myth of monogamy” file.

For a long time, ornithologists believed that most birds were monogamous.

According to this article in Acorn, ornithologist David Lack estimates that at least 90 percent of nest-raised birds come from monogamous pairs. 

Monogamous birds such as eagles and geese were long regarded as the epitome of fidelity and social monogamy, remaining together until one dies.

According to Acorn, Canadian geese are among the most faithful birds, mating for as long as 20 years.

But based on new DNA testing of several bird species, it turns out that even monogamous birds are not as loyal as previously thought.

They, too, tend to have flings on the side.


France: 37,000-year-old “vulva art”

A 1.5 metric ton block of engraved limestone constitutes the earliest evidence of wall art. Or does it?
Female vulva associated with an “anneau”. (At least that's what the scientists are seeing here.) The art was discovered on the ceiling of a dwelling inhabited by a group of Aurignacian reindeer hunters some 37,000 years ago. (Raphaëlle Bourrillon/Courtesy)

It’s finally been scientifically confirmed.

Some 37,000 years ago — yes, that’s a few years before Hugh Hefner was born — humans appeared to have been just as fascinated with the vulva as they are today. Well, at least in the south of France.

Here's the back story:

Fifteen years ago, scientists discovered wall art on the ceiling of a dwelling that was formerly inhabited by a group of Aurignacian reindeer hunters.

Based on the analysis of the art, it turns out that reindeer weren’t the only thing the hunters were into nearly 40 thousand years ago.

Futurity, a research team of more than a dozen researchers from American and European universities has published a study called “Context and dating of Aurignacian vulvar representations from Abri Castanet, France.

Their work appears in the latest edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

It it, scientists offer evidence of the role art played in the daily lives of Early Aurignacian humans, including these artifacts of human symbolism.

In addition to this earliest known porn, hundreds of personal ornaments have been discovered, such as pierced animal teeth, pierced shells, ivory and soapstone beads, engravings, and paintings on limestone slabs.

But this sex columnist has questions about the vulva art.


Kiev: Protesting a soccer cup, in penis costumes (VIDEO)

Ukrainian feminist group Femen, the “topless warriors,” dressed as penises to protest the rise in sex tourism the Euro Cup may bring.
A FEMEN lady, in a penis costume, stands in the crotch of one of the Euro Cup mascots in Kiev yesterday. The message is subtle: "Take your penises elsewhere." (SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images)

The feminist activist group FEMEN —otherwise known as the naked feminists or “topless warriors” — is at it again.

Their latest protest, Thursday in Kiev, was held to oppose the staging of the Euro 2012 soccer championships in the Ukraine.

More precisely, they protested the probability that soccer fans will come to Ukraine looking for sex-tourism, Gazeta reported.

Naturally, and as always with the FEMEN ladies, the protest happened in the nude. Well, if you don‘t count the penis hat and granny panties.

The women of FEMEN, whose mantra is “Came, Stripped, Conquered,” dressed up in penis costumes and stood on a flower bed, strategically positioned between the legs of the soccer championship mascots Slavek and Slavko.

Yes, with Slavek and Slavko in a horizontal position, the ladies standing in their crotch area did manage to look like erect, uncircumcised penises.

This protest is just another one in a series planned against the soccer championships by FEMEN.

A couple of weeks ago, one of the FEMEN ladies stole a Euro 2012 Cup trophy, also to protest sex tourism: 

Fears of the rise in sex tourism fuelled by rowdy soccer fans seem to accompany any major sporting event, especially soccer championship.

When I reported from South Africa before the World Cup in 2010, some 40,000 sex workers were expected to cater to the fans. At the end of the day, that number proved to be exaggerated. 

But sex tourism at the Euro Cup could be a completely different beast in Ukraine.