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News you wish you didn't know.

Bee afraid: Millions of bees swarm Georgia interstate (VIDEO)

Truck crash leads to the release of millions of unhappy bees onto a stretch of Georgia road.
A truck crash in Georgia spilled millions of unhappy bees and hives filled with honey out onto the interstate, prompting what must be among the more unpleasant cleanup operations in recent memory.

Costumed robbers put a scare into Mexico store

A gang of miscreants dressed as monsters robbed a Mexico City jewelry store on Saturday's "Day of the Dead" celebration.
A gang of thieves dressed as zombies and mummies robbed a Mexico City jewelry store on the Nov 2nd "Day of the Dead" celebration, taking advantage of the costumed holiday.

UK man in Nazi uniform causes uproar in Cambridge supermarket

Customers began complaining and police were called after the self-declared Hitler aficionado began handing out cards to promote his website.
A supermarket in Cambridge, UK saw an uproar over a man wearing a Nazi uniform last week.

"Crack-O-Lanterns" caught at Montreal airport

Woman is caught with three pumpkins stuffed with cocaine on Halloween by Montreal airport officials.
A woman arriving at the Montreal airport in Canada on Thursday was busted with a particularly curious Halloween treat: three pumpkins stuffed with cocaine.

Russia: Siberian region of Omsk bans Halloween celebrations in schools

Authorities have forbidden schools in the region from celebrating the Western festival.
Authorities have forbidden schools in the region from celebrating the Western festival.

Reindeer eyes change color in winter

They're the only mammals known to change eye color in response to seasonal changes in light.
Quick – what color are reindeers’ eyes?

Dell users complain Latitude 6430u laptops 'smell of cat urine'

Dell users who bought the computer company's Latitude 6430u Ultrabook have complained that the laptops "smell of cat urine."
Engineers for the company ruled out biological contamination and said the smell emanating from the computers was not a health hazard.

Australia's High Court took 6 years to rule a woman can't get comped for sex-related injuries on a business trip

Australian woman, a human relations professional, sued for benefits after hurting herself during motel room sex on business trip.

Legal minds across Australia are resting easier today after the High Court resolved an issue before the courts since 2007. It’s certain to form legal precedent for decades to come: is sex “necessary activity” for a motel room on a business trip?


Indian Communist politician sacked for sleeping in bed of cash (VIDEO)

Indian Communist politician Samar Acharjee thought he was living the dream when he decided to take a nap in a bed of $24,000 in cash, but the rest of the country didn't find his cellphone video so funny.
When Acharjee, an official with India's Communist Party in the northeastern state of Tripura, decided to have a friend record him lying on top of and covered in stacks of rupee notes, he never imagined it would go viral and cost him his position with the party.

Cobra snakes babysit Indian baby in video (VIDEO)

Reports suggest the cobras were left with the baby to protect it.
Baby protected by killer cobras.