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News you wish you didn't know.

West Hollywood becomes first US city to ban selling fur

The 'humane capital of the United States' has previously passed ordinances banning the declawing of cats and regulating how chickens are caged.
While some animal rights activists are happy, the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has complained it is unfair to the city's fashion businesses.

Japan porn dealers deliver illicit catalogue to police

Six men were arrested for possessing obscene material with the intent to sell it in the city of Osaka.
Sometimes criminals do the darndest things.

How to get served quicker at a bar, revealed

German researchers say just stand near the bartender, face him or her and stare.
Many of us lean over the bar, hold cash in our hands and even shout at the bartender.

Australia: Man walks in front of speeding train – and survives (VIDEO)

The 20-year-old man cheated death after walking into the path of a train in Brisbane.
The 20-year-old man cheated death after walking into the path of a train in Brisbane.

Baby Messiah can keep his name, judge rules

A judge ruled on Wednesday that baby Messiah, from Tennessee, can keep his name, after a lower court ruled in August that it be changed to Martin.
"I never intended on naming my son Messiah because it means God and I didn't think a judge could make me change my baby's name because of her religious beliefs," the child's mother said.

New species of legless lizard discovered at LAX

Four previously unknown species of snakelike creatures known as legless lizards were discovered at several different sites in California, including a sand dune near LAX.
No, they're not snakes.

In Sweden, it’s now ‘OK’ to masturbate in public

A Swedish court acquitted a man for masturbating on a Stockholm beach because he was not 'pleasuring himself towards a specific person.'

Some are saying it's just another reason to like Sweden.

A court in Sweden ruled that a 65-year-old man who masturbated openly at a Stockholm beach did so legally because he was not “pleasuring himself towards a specific person.”

On June 6, the man was charged with sexual assault after he took off his pants and started masturbating by the water.


Donors raise $100,000 for homeless man who turned in bag containing $42K

Glen James, who lives in a shelter in Boston, found the bag at a shopping mall.
On Monday, Boston police presented James with a special citation. "I just want to thank Mr. James for what he did," Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said. "It really is a remarkable tribute to him and his honesty."

Hillary Clinton gets her own wine (VIDEO)

Clinton Vineyards (no relation) in New York has re-released its Victory White wine in an attempt to generate excitement for a possible presidential run by Hillary Clinton.
First it was Hollywood. Now a New York vineyard is taking Hillary mania to a new level, bottling it up in a new wine called "Victory White."

'Terminator' plastic world's first self-healing polymer (VIDEO)

Can regenerating cyborgs — a la 'Terminator' — be far behind?
When sliced in two, the material was able to spontaneously regenerate without a catalyst.