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General and Administration

Philip S. Balboni, President, CEO and Co-Founder
Richard J. Byrne, Senior Vice President
James Bandera, Vice President of Sales
James Wooster, Business Manager



Greg Stout, Director of Technology
Rick Peterman, Senior Developer
Nicholas Dynan, Designer/Developer


Thomas Mucha, Editor
Lizzy Tomei, Managing Editor
Solana Pyne, Senior Video News Producer (New York)
David Case, Senior Editor/Asia
Gregory Feifer, Regional Editor/Europe
Alex Leff, Regional Editor/Americas
Heather Horn, Regional Editor/Middle East and Africa
Peter Gelling, Senior Editor/Social Media
Timothy McGrath, Deputy Editor
Ambika Kandasamy, Deputy Editor
Emily Lodish, Weekend Editor


Senior Correspondents

Bangkok, Patrick Winn
Berlin, Jason Overdorf
Beijing, Ben Carlson
Brussels/Lisbon, Paul Ames
Cairo, Laura Dean
Johannesburg, Erin Conway Smith
Lima, Simeon Tegel
London, Corinne Purtill
Mexico City, Ioan Grillo
Moscow, Dan Peleschuk
Nairobi, Tristan McConnell
Seoul, Geoffrey Cain


GroundTruth Project Inc.*

Charles Sennott, Executive Director and GlobalPost Co-Founder
Kevin Grant, Managing Editor
Emily Judem, Multimedia Editor
Jessica Mendoza
, Human Rights Fellow

*The GroundTruth Project is a non-profit foundation that provides in-depth content to GlobalPost.