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GlobalStream is the high-quality, international content feed from the award-winning news site GlobalPost. Get the stories you won’t find anywhere else at prices tailored to meet the budget of today’s publishers.
GlobalPost is one of the leading general interest news sites in the United States with a primary focus on world news coverage. With its content flow of daily original reporting, multi-part/in-depth articles and series, socially sharable content, video, and breaking news coverage, GlobalPost offers a unique and wide-ranging resource for publishers in the U.S. and globally. Since launching in 2009, GlobalPost has built a highly respected international media brand, winning many of the most prestigious journalism awards in America. GlobalPost is non-partisan and is strongly committed to independent, high quality journalism.
GlobalPost’s core strength is its roster of talented reporters, writers, editors, photographers, and videographers around the world – a combination of 36 full-time editorial staff and senior correspondents plus a network of more than 75 freelance journalists in every region. Our full-time senior correspondents are based in strategic locations including Berlin, London, Bangkok, Lisbon, Beirut, Mexico City, Seoul, Moscow, Nairobi, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Lima, and Johannesburg. GlobalPost focuses its reporting on important business, political and cultural trends and features extensive on-location video reporting. From the unrest in Crimea to the drug war in Mexico, our correspondents are on the leading edge of the news cycle. 
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GlobalPost offers syndication at extremely attractive rates. While our content is optimized for digital publishing use, affiliates with companion print media are free to publish GlobalPost stories in either format or both.
Here’s what you’ll find in GlobalStream
Global Correspondent Original Reporting
We produce dozens of on-the-ground reports each week from our network of correspondents who live in the countries they write about to ensure reportage that makes complex places more transparent, allowing readers to understand how events happening in distant corners of the world affect their lives wherever they may live. We offer distinctive coverage of important political, business, cultural, and social issues as well as longer trend pieces that connect the dots between geo-political events. Included in the feed are multiple in-depth reporting series each year that delve into a big story facing the world. From the emergence of Myanmar to climate change, these series deliver the kind of deep international reporting that is increasingly rare.


Daily Chatter
Chatter is GlobalPost’s distinctive and lively take on the day’s most important international stories. It’s edgy, smart, and easy-to-consume on any device. With a turn-key tech interface that can flow the content directly onto your site, this GlobalPost editorial product will capture the imagination of your visitors and keep them returning by giving them the top stories they “Need to Know,” and “Want to Know,” and finishing with the “Strange but True” stories that send readers away with a laugh or a smile.

Socially Sharable
The GlobalPost social media team creates original content that is targeted at the huge social networks like Facebook and Twitter and that is easily shareable across the web. These stories have strong, clickable headlines and are accessible to readers who might not be well versed in world affairs. We offer lists, satire and slideshows -- all of which play off of the news of the day to increase overall traffic. Some examples of our viral posts include: "27 examples of how Vladimir Putin’s PR team makes him look tough," "The top 10 American corporations profiting from Egypt's military," and "15 photos to remind you what Syria once was, and how far it has fallen." Designed to help increase your social engagement and traffic, this stream of shareable content will help you amp up your social media strategy.

Thanks to our extensive network of veteran correspondents and videographers stationed in the far-reaching corners of the world, GlobalPost is helping to redefine video news reporting on the web. By combining high production values and strong narrative storytelling, our Peabody Award-winning “On Location” series is making international news more accessible. This series, which debuts a new episode each week, takes viewers to a remote locations and introduces them to the people who best illuminate the important issues that face us in an increasingly interconnected world.

Special Reports and High Profile Blogs
GlobalPost’s Special Reports Unit produces powerful storytelling that informs and enlightens on complex issues around the world, including human rights, freedom of expression, emerging democracies, the environment, economic inequalities, religious affairs, and global health. With the support of funding from leading foundations, these extensive projects go beyond the daily headlines to give readers a comprehensive look at major global issues.
Special Reports Examples:
Also available are thematic and richly reported blogs:
Pulse, Rights, and Belief, which cover global health, human rights, and religion, respectively. These blogs strictly adhere to GlobalPost's reporting standards of fairness, accuracy and independence, and they offer the most up-to-date information on these topics found anywhere on the web.
Commentary: GlobalPost Commentary offers expert analysis on a wide range of international topics. Our extensive network of scholars, journalists, government officials, corporate leaders, worker advocates, and activists provides fresh perspectives and a diversity of thought unparalleled by other news organizations.