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GlobalPost Edward R. Murrow Award Submission 2012 - Online News Series

Submission: On Location

“On Location” is unique and ambitious, employing the highest standards of professional video production with an authenticity and grit that is palpable. Each episode takes viewers to a remote location—from deep inside Syrian dungeons; to the war-torn city Sirte; to the illegal adoption rings in Shanghai; to the burning streets of Tibet, the flood-ravaged shores of Japan and the frontline of the drug war in Mexico. These reports introduce viewers to extraordinary characters and tell compelling stories that provide context to key global issues. Simply put, “On Location” is a rare example of what excellence in journalism and video production on the Web can be at its best: educational, informative and engaging.

In 2011, GlobalPost published 75 “On Location” videos reported from 34 different countries. Of those 75 reports, GlobalPost’s entry consists of a compilation of 8 videos which serve as an example of what the series does each week: engage the audience with distinctive reporting on the economy, politics and culture in places most people will never visit.