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Apr 17, 2014
6:00 pm
Ukraine defense 2014 04 17
There are some signs of progress in Geneva, but will it last?
Apr 15, 2014
12:18 pm
Since the Bush shoe incident of 2008, the shoe has been a popular means to protest world leaders.
Apr 15, 2014
1:19 am
China national peoples congress
Here’s why that’s dangerous for China.
Apr 13, 2014
8:54 am
Afghanistan strawberries
With just 10 percent of the vote counted, it’s a close race between two powerful men. Anything could happen.
Apr 13, 2014
8:24 am
Eastern ukraine april 13
Fears of a 'gas war' are growing.
Apr 9, 2014
12:30 pm
Kim jong un re elected leader north korea
It's not hard to win an election when you are the only candidate and no one votes against you.
Apr 9, 2014
1:06 am
Narendra modi coalition ego
Why frontrunner Narendra Modi may not become prime minister even if he 'wins.'
Apr 6, 2014
5:59 pm
Ukraine eastern protests april 6
Activists chanting "Russia!" broke through police lines Sunday.
Apr 6, 2014
2:45 pm
Viktor orban april 6
Preliminary results indicate controversial PM may repeat two-thirds majority.