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Apr 24, 2014
2:10 pm
Syria uk foreign fighters join rebel islamists
The government tries to combat recruiters' alluring messages from the front lines.
Apr 24, 2014
10:27 am
Google youtube 2012 01 25
Meanwhile, the UK asks Muslim women to persuade their sons not to go fight in Syria.
Apr 22, 2014
9:29 am
Harakat Hazm screenshot
In other news, most everyone thinks the election planned for June 3 is ridiculous.
Apr 21, 2014
10:14 am
Syria Assad
Meanwhile, a date is set for the presidential election.
Apr 20, 2014
10:10 am
Assad syria easter
Another chance to look the part of savior.
Apr 19, 2014
12:29 pm
French journos syria
Their release follows that of Spanish journalists in March. Taken together, the two releases could signal a change of tactics by kidnappers in Syria.
Apr 19, 2014
9:32 am
French journos syria
President Hollande said they are 'in good health' and headed back to France.
Apr 18, 2014
10:23 am
Homs January view
The two themes of the day.
Apr 17, 2014
10:47 am
Syria China
So this is what 'British and foreign security services' do all day?
Apr 16, 2014
11:00 am
Jordan attacked a convoy of vehicles attempting to enter the country from Syria this morning.