Global TV sorry after some viewers hear laughter but no jokes in SNL audio flub

TORONTO - Global TV is apologizing after technical difficulties caused the start of this weekend's edition of "Saturday Night Live" to air without proper sound on some of their stations, upsetting viewers.

Spokeswoman Jessica Gold says that an issue with the surround-sound feed for the network's Eastern Canada stations left some viewers with "very quiet" audio for the first 15 minutes.

She says viewers with stereo audio set-ups were unaffected and that the full unaffected episode will be available to watch on Global TV's website.

Several irate viewers vented on Twitter after they tuned in to watch host Louis C.K.'s opening monologue and heard the live crowd's laughter but not the comic's jokes.

"Something is seriously wrong with the audio on #snl... cant hear anyone speaking! just the audience laughing," one tweeted.

Another tweeted: "All I want is to hear Louis CK clearly....fix it Global TV!!!!!!"