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President Barack Obama plans to sign trade deals this Friday.
Obama will announce new plans to jumpstart the economy.
Obama pushes the FDA to report medicine shortages sooner.
Obama announces tax breaks for US job growth.
President Obama will take part in a Google+ Hangout on Jan. 30.
President Obama wants to keep college tuition down.
Obama's approval with women is up 10 percent since Dec.
President Obama’s re-election team will expand its strategy this coming week aimed at building support among women.
The president first pushed the plan last September which is scheduled for a Senate vote on April 16.
Book sales dropped enough to make the US president exempt from the Buffett rule he's been pushing for.
Obama's deputy campaign manager said Romney is running a negative campaign.
President says "that's why Wall Street reform is so important."
Obama and Romney are tied on jobs and the economy, according to a new poll.
David Maraniss writes about Obama's high school days in Honolulu, where he was a member of the "Choom Gang," known for playing basketball and smoking marijuana.
The Obama administration will stop deporting undocumented immigrants in a new election-year initiative.
25 percent of US voters have not decided on a presidential candidate.
Less than half of American voters know President Obama is Christian; 17% think he is Muslim.
A man from Washington is accused of sending a threatening email to Obama.
Ahead of 9/11 anniversary, Obama recalls "how far we've come as a nation."
New poll shows 52% of registered voters would rather have Obama for dinner, over just 33% who prefer Romney.
Obama leads Romney by 7 percentage points, according to new poll.
A GOP-controlled board in Kansas is considering removing President Obama from the November ballot due to concerns about his birth certificate.
An international straw poll shows President Obama would win if the world could vote in the US election.
Rand Corp.'s latest poll has Obama leading Romney, same as other national polls.