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He will blow up Tripoli if the rebels take control, he reportedly said.
A ninth person has been arrested over the News of the World scandal
The FBI is investigating reports that phones of 9/11 victims were targeted.
Indonesian volcano spews lava and hot rocks into the night sky
The Guardian apologises for false claims against Murdoch tabloid
Regional airliner crashed in Recife.
U.S. fishing operator accused of forcing girls to have sex with tourists.
Forensic evidence and footage from closed circuit cameras has been studied.
Murdoch to apologise in newspaper ads for phone-hacking 'wrongdoings'
Top News Corp. executive steps down in continuing outcry over phone hacking.
Syria: At least 28 civilians killed as security forces open fire
Osama bin Laden was working on a plan to attack the U.S.
Reliance on internet causes poor memory
Obama warns of economic "Armageddon" as deficit deadlock drags on.
Since 2003 thousands of Shiite pilgrims have been killed
Rebekah Brooks and others who resigned will receive handsome golden handshakes
SUV may have been doing about 112 miles per hour.
Anthony was acquitted of the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.
Petraeus says counterinsurgency has "borne fruit."
Execution-style shooting of 16 tribal policemen.
KGB nips a "large terrorist attack" in the bud?
Reporters beaten while covering protests in Amman Friday
17-year-old threw party after allegedly beating parents to death with hammer