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During talks with Gaddafi's envoys, the U.S. again demanded that he step down.
Murdoch read the statement after answering the committee's questions.
Schemes worth billions mostly originate in Southeast Asia
The 16 hackers arrested are believed to have been involved
Targets on his “execution list” included SEC and CFTC chairs
Despite pleas for clemency, Mark Stroman is executed by lethal injection.
The Massachusetts Democrat first told the Boston Globe in March.
Somalia militant resist drought aid
Cleared training camp of suspected Haqqani network
Gaddafi remains defiant, while talks with UN and Russian envoys continue
Six Iranian Revolutionary Guards also killed in clashes.
House Speaker cites Obama's insistence on raising taxes as part of a deal
Judge approves the bookseller's request to liquidate
U.K. nurse Rebecca Leighton due to appear in court over deaths of five patients
U.K. nurse Rebecca Leighton faces serious charges over patient deaths
Apple to open largest store in the world in NY's Grand Central Station
Troubled singer and 5-time Grammy winner was 27.
An Iranian scientist has been assasinated
At least 35 killed and 210 injured in China bullet train crash.
Multiple gunshot victims over weekend.
Taliban dismisses accusations as government propaganda.
However, the U.S. is in "no rush" to resume nuclear talks with Pyongyang.
Closed because they lacked official business permits.