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Shootings occurred following Cleveland festival promoting family unity.
Civilian death toll in Hama risen to 80.
Both parties reject each others proposals as clock ticks
Still, figures show fewer banks are failing this year than in 2010.
World markets rallied in relief on news of a deal to raise the US debt ceiling.
Italian coastguard makes grisly discovery on migrant boat
US Special Operations routinely go into Pakistan on raids.
China said Uighur attackers were trained in Pakistan
A "promising" lead has reportedly emerged in the D.B. Cooper hijacking case.
Celina Cass was last seen at her home in West Stewartstown a week ago.
Hillary Clinton met to discuss Americans to studying in China.
Soldiers clear square as tanks move in. Protesters presumably arrested.
Rally in U.S. stock market on news of a debt deal was short-lived.
Alabama's immigration law was poised to be tougher than Arizona's
The channel will reach millions of homes in the New York area.
Pentagon effectively gains $50 billion over the next decade.
In spite of debt vote, the U.S. markets declined on more news of a weak economy.
TSA officers in Boston are training to use conversation in security screening.
British officials announced a new drug-bust record for the U.K.
The impasse over the Federal Aviation Administration continued in Washington.
The Justice Department has filed child pornography charges against 72 people.
Radiation levels that could kill humans within seconds.
Marvel comics writers have replaced Peter Parker with a multiracial character.
Husband of ex-Playboy CEO Christie Hefner settles with SEC for almost $170,000.