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The Haitian tent city is facing a battering by heavy storms
A British skydiver has miraculously survived plunging 3,500 feet
Leon Panetta called some defense cuts in the debt deal "unacceptable."
The Dow fell more than 500 points over weak economic outlook in Europe, US.
A slowing U.S. economy is driving investors to the yen and the Swiss franc.
Police shot unarmed people in post-Katrina chaos.
Khamis is the commander of the regime's most feared fighting force.
More than 29,000 children under age 5 killed in Somalia
The first major protests since tanks invaded Hama
It's the largest one-month increase in borrowing in nearly four years.
Rent Is Too Damn High Party founder is facing eviction from his apartment.
Thousands of protesters have gathered in Madrid to demonstrate
China criticized the U.S. in the wake of the S&P downgrade.
A man turned himself in after sending more than 27 million spam messages
Rick Perry led a national prayer rally in Houston on Saturday.
Gold and U.K. investments expected to increase
S&P's judgment based on $2 trillion mistake.
Boeing has unveiled its first 787 Dreamliner, a new lightweight airplane.
A second night of violence has swept London with riots breaking out
Ohio gunman kills seven including 11-year-old child
The Duchess of Alba gives up her wealth to marry young civil servant
Smokers who light up first thing in the morning are more at risk of cancer
Another coalition helicopter has crash-lands in Afghanistan
American Diana Nyad jumped into the sea on Sunday and set off for Florida.
Texas billionaire Charles Wyly died in a car accident on Sunday.