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Hance was "an unpleasant and strange person."
Venezuelan leader has "more strength than before" to pursue election.
Some speculate the price of gold could shoot past $1,800 an ounce.
Libyan rebels dissolved their executive committee on Monday.
The Dow Jones industrial average fell 635 points.
Boehner and Pelosi: Pages are "severely underutilized."
But Muifa still forces evacuations as it moves across China.
Turkey among foreign envoys urging Assad regime to stop killing protestors
Diana Nyad has abandoned her attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida.
Dominique Strauss-Kahn now sued for an alleged "sadistic attack"
Fed officials will hold a regular meeting in Washington on Tuesday.
US to hit regime with stiffer sanctions.
Violence has broken out in cities to the north of London.
The Justice Department accuses Education Management Corporation of fraud.
Harry Reid has announced his three picks for the deficit reduction panel.
Asian markets bounce after Wall Street closes higher on Fed rates outlook
America diplomats urge African nations to demand Gaddafi surrender
Israel blamed for Internet and phone services being cut off in Gaza
A grand jury indicted a U.S. Army private in a Fort Hood bomb plot.
American-fired missiles killed at least 20 Islamist militants in Pakistan
Wall Street opened lower on Wednesday.
Police apprehend the family fugitives on Interstate 25.