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Of Michael, Mark and ... oh yeah, elections

Michael Jackson is undeniably the worldwide pop king, and his music is big everywhere. But apparently not quite SO much in Argentina. I have often felt the lack of his jams at the dance club. And a full sweep of the FM dial last night turned up no Jacko.

His obituary is, of course, on the front page today, albeit below the fold. But Mark Sanford is still getting more Argentine attention. Much of the continuing discussion reports the political controversy coming from the U.S. A few more minute details of his lover's identity have also been released, and those are also getting widely disseminated. The international paparazzi is still camped outside her apartment building.

But the good news is that the Argentine press as a whole has its priorities straight: the main concern is the elections that are now less than 48 hours away. That also means that the election curfew has begun: no more campaign activity until the polls close on Sunday. We'll have to see if that really means a lull in pre-election controversy, or if it only feeds the rumor mill.

We also won't be able to buy any alcohol on election day, so we're going to have to stock up now. Hence, I end this notebook here.