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Counting begins in Argentina elections

The polls for Argentina's mid-term congressional elections closed on Sunday evening, and the counting began.

It seems pretty clear that the current ruling party is losing a significant number of legislative seats, and may well lose the quorum that they need to do the president's bidding without a fight. The newspaper Critica de la Argentina cited analysts projecting that it would lose around 15 deputies and three or four senators.  There are a total of 257 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 72 in the Senate.

The most important race is still a bit too close to call, but with about 50 percent of the ballots in Buenos Aires province counted, the first gentleman Nestor Kirchner is trailing his opposition Francisco de Narvaez by 2 percent of the vote.

Meanwhile, there's some good news for everybody: La Nacion, Argentina's second-largest newspaper, reports there were less voting irregularities than expected.  A few isolated complaints of ballot shortages and tampering have been made by the opposition.  But these have not yet been confirmed, and for the most part things seem to have gone off smoothly.