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Andean pass opens between Chile and Argentina

Bulldozers have now cleared the main highway linking the Chilean capital city of Santiago and the Argentine city of Mendoza, allowing much needed aid to flow into the country.

Up to 1,000 Chilean passengers on flights bound to Santiago that were diverted to Argentina over the weekend are now being bussed overland to Chile from Mendoza.

With 10 hospitals crippled in the earthquake affected areas of Chile, Argentina is playing a lead role in international medical assistance. Ambassador Gines Gonzales Garcia said Argentina will help equip and staff three field hospitals.

Mendoza's seismolgical stations have reported that there have been more than 90 aftershocks along the Andean region bordering Chile and Argentina, but that most go unnoticed.

Meanwhile Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, en route to Chile to show U.S. support, will make a last-minute stop in Buenos Aires and meet with Argentina's President Christina Kirchner.