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Bunnies in Brussels

When I saw photos of the massive, orange, Peep-shaped Easter bunnies now set around Brussels' posh Place Stephanie, I couldn't resist sharing them.

Belgium is a funny place with an often oddball sense of humor. Brussels has a museum devoted to endive and its most famous landmark is a tiny sculpture of a peeing boy. It is also a Catholic country with a long, dreary winter, which might explain why someone decided to inject these curious bits of whimsy into the urban landscape:

Easter Bunny Brussels Peeps

(All photos courtesy of Thomas Wassmann/German Marshall Fund of the United States.)

UPDATE: I'm told by GlobalPost editor Sarah Liebowitz that she saw similar bunnies, but for eating, when she was in London last week. Hmm ... might the bunnies represent stealth marketing by the chocolate shops around Place Stephanie? These bunnies are steps from a Godiva, a Neuhaus and a Pierre Marcolini.