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Crab Drumsticks in Brasilia

Has anyone out there tried a coxinha de caranguejo? If not, and the idea of a crab meat wrapped in soft dough the shape of a chicken drumstick and fried sounds interesting (or disgusting) to you, you've come to the right reporters' notebook. Because that's what I had last night in a bar here in Brasilia with a handful of local reporters and a couple government officials, and while what they told me can wait for a formal dispatch, the coxinha de caranguejo could not.

Hi GlobalPost readers. Ten years into my journalistic career, I finally get to do for a living what I've done in dribs and drabs and where I could fit it into my vacations: report from Latin America. I've always written about immigration to the United States, gotten to be pretty fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, and traveled throughout the continent, so this is a logical and exciting next step.

I hope you'll join me as I interview barbers and actors and schoolkids and government ministers, hop buses through the vexing streets of Sao Paulo (where I'm based), explore small towns and back roads, and otherwise try to figure out how this vast, perplexing country works. I also plan to keep you up to date on what catches my eye in the Brazilian press, for those of you that don't have your home pages set to Folha de Sao Paulo or O Globo.

As for that coxinha de caranguejo, if you want one and you're here, stop by Boteco, located in the 406 Sul block. (It's a chain, so you can also visit in Recife, Fortaleza, Belém, Aracaju, Natal, Salvador or Teresina). If a picture will suffice...sorry, I forgot my camera last night. I promise that will never happen again.