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Rejected Alternative: "Wake Up With South America's Biggest Iron Ore Producer"

What do the Bronx and Brazil have in common, besides that I've covered both of them? No matter how far they come, they can't seem to shed those annoying stereotypes the rest of the world pins on them.

Sure, after years of economic growth, Brazil was among the first countries to emerge from the crisis, showing impressive jobs growth and preparing to become a major oil power. It's even made progress against brutal inequality, and a huge arms purchase from France will beef up its military presence. But for 7-Eleven convenience stores, this place is all about the babes.

Here's a iPhone picture a friend in Boston sent me today:

(Photo by Jon Chapman)

Female Brazilian friends and sources in the states always complained to me about the leering reactions they get from men when they say where they're from. Waxing questions are usually quick to follow. Something tells me this ad campaign isn't helping matters.

By the way the coffee is really Brazilian, at least not 100%. The 7-Eleven site notes it's made with "only select beans from the high mountains of Central and South America." But I suppose "Wake up with a hot Nicaraguan" didn't have quite the same ring to it.