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Brazil outlaws tanning machines

There's no real need to write a story here. The headline says it all.

But because convention must be followed, here goes: On Wednesday, Anvisa, the Brazilian equivalent of the FDA, prohibited the sale and use of tanning machines for aesthetic purposes. The ban is effective immediately, and the Brazilian press reported law-abiding spa owners calling clients to cancel appoints...and non-law-abiding spa owners not calling clients to cancel appointments.

Violating the regulation can lead to fines from 2,000 reais to 1.5 million reais ($1150 to $860,000). The Brazilian Association of Tanning Professionals said the prohibition has no scientific basis, according to G1 news. They had previously circulated a petition urging ANVISA not to enact the ban, and now will be seeking a court injunction.

The head of Anvisa, Dirceu Barbano (who last appeared in GlobalPost when his agency required pharmacists to pull most non-prescription medication from the shelves and require customers to ask for it from staff members) said Brazil was the first country in the world to institute such a ban, and that he would be sharing its experience with the World Health Organization.

Meanwhile, the forecast for Saturday in Rio de Janeiro is 88 degrees and sunny.