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Sean Goldman update: Ongoing talks; deadline 9 a.m.

Judge Paulo Espirito Santo of the Brazilian Federal Appeals Court has given the maternal family of Sean Goldman until 9 a.m. to turn him over to David Goldman at the American consulate in Rio de Janeiro.

A few minutes ago, a consular official told GlobalPost that every development so far today had been positive, and that communications between lawyers on both sides were ongoing. It was unclear whether the handover would take place tonight or tomorrow morning. But Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ), who is here supporting David Goldman, said the family did have a reservation on a flight leaving tonight, in case things happened quickly.

It is unclear whether there has been any direct contact between the families, although Smith said the suggestion had been raised that the maternal grandmother accompany Sean when he travels to New Jersey. Smith said that experts who had been advising Goldman said that this was a potentially damaging idea.

There is also an increased effort to keep the proceedings and eventual turnover of Sean away from the media. "We want it to be as seamless as possible, without any glare or spotlight on Sean," said Smith.