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Estacio de Sa Comes in third

The samba school I wrote about on Saturday came in third out of 12 in the "Access Group" competition, which means they missed their chance to advance to the big time, the Special Group which rocked Rio's Sambadrome Sunday and Monday evenings.

The Sao Clemente school came in first, and will replace Viradouro in the Special Group for 2011. Viradouro came in 12th in the Special Group, so gets demoted.

Unidos da Tijuca won the grand championship, which after two nights of spectacular visual parades, culminates in a horribly monotonous, hours-long announcement of the judges' ratings in a endless list of categories. (Not everyone agrees with me here — crowds gather in front of televisions all around the city to watch and cheer.)

Here is five minutes of Estacio de Sa's performance: