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Update on "Brazil: Public Accusations of Corruption"

The following is an update to the story originally published on Dec. 18, 2009.

On Jan. 12, 2010, Henrique Flory and Ronaldo Bianchi arrived at a settlement to Bianchi’s lawsuit against Flory for defamation in a letter he had written to Joao Sayad, the Sao Paulo State Secretary of Culture and Bianchi's boss.

More specifically, according to the court document, Flory said he “had no intention of attributing to Mr. Ronaldo the practice of an act of corruption or bribery, for approval of projects in the Cultural Action Program of the Ministry of Culture. He did not have the intention of defaming Mr. Ronaldo with the metaphor described in the phrase referenced in this inquiry, he merely was attempting to resolve bureaucratic problems with his projects.”

Flory said that the retraction was the result of his being unable to prove, under Brazilian law, the corruption charges. He noted that the statement referred only to his accusations against Bianchi, and in no way affected his larger case against the Ministry of Culture for blocking funding for his program. The Public Ministry continues to investigate the case.

A spokesperson for the state Ministry of Culture said his office would have no further comment.