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Canada doesn't need Gadhafi to be a political circus

In September, I wrote about how if Libyan leader Gadhafi had pitched his tent in Newfoundland as he had planned to at one point, he and his shenanigans would have fit right in with Canada's nutty politics:

TORONTO, Canada – For a brief, surreal moment, it looked like Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi would be pitching his Bedouin tent in the Atlantic province of Newfoundland, of all places.

The news broke late last week that Gadhafi, after his unforgettably erratic debut at the United Nations, would arrive Tuesday on the “the rock,” as Canadians call Newfoundland, for a refueling stop back to northern Africa.

The thought of the self-styled “king of kings” and his entourage of female bodyguards spending 24 hours in sleepy Newfoundland seemed incongruous at best.

Not that the island isn’t worth a visit: It’s arguably Canada’s most beautiful province, with countless coves and isolated, clapboard villages that tranquillize you in a heartbeat. Its people experienced desperately bad times when one of the world’s most abundant populations of cod suddenly collapsed in 1992. Still, they’re the most welcoming folks you can meet. ...

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