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A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy

In August, I took a break from my coverage of Canada, and chimed in on Italy's infamously sex-crazed Prime Minister and how Italians weren't really in the mood to laugh at his transgressions anymore:

ROME, Italy — For many Italians, the annual mid-August vacation exodus known as ferragosto could not have come soon enough. It has been a sweltering, stressful summer.

Flocking to the beaches, they leave behind the usual Italian cacophony of politics and intrigue, from warnings of creeping fascism to accusations by jailed mafia godfather, Toto Riina, that a high profile anti-mafia prosecutor was blown to bits in 1992 by agents of the state.

Italians have long grown accustomed to the din in a country deeply divided politically. Harder to shrug off is a recession that has them feeling more worried and depressed, according to a poll last month. They’re so preoccupied that 33 percent say they’re having sex less often.

That apparently isn’t the case with Italy’s prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi. For the past year, his alleged sexual exploits have been the stuff of widespread media coverage, café chatter and, most recently, tape-recorded pillow talk. ...

For more, including excerpts of the famed "pillow talk," click here.