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Taking part in the Iranian protests from afar

At the beginning of July, I wrote about cartoonist Nikahang Kowsar weighing in on the events in his home country from Toronto:

TORONTO — In the winter of 2000, when I first met Nikahang Kowsar, he had just been released from jail in Tehran.

It was, as it often is in Iran, a tumultuous time. The country was in the middle of parliamentary elections and hard-line conservatives were cracking down. Their accomplices in the judiciary were closing reformist newspapers practically every day. Kowsar, one of Iran’s best-known political cartoonists, became a target.

His sketches, published in three widely read newspapers, rattled the ruling theocracy. He was jailed — accused of mocking a powerful hard-line cleric — for a cartoon showing a crocodile shedding tears as his tail strangled a journalist.

“Those people are killing the press and then they pretend that the press is killing them,” he told me when, as a foreign correspondent for the Toronto Star, I met Kowsar in his Tehran apartment. ...

For a slideshow of his cartoons and the rest of the article, click here.