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Where have all the salmon gone?

Last month, I also wrote about how the Humber River was teeming with this year's run. But salmon populations are declining elsewhere in Canada, leading many to question whether that will always be the case:

TORONTO, Canada — Few would describe Toronto as a beautiful city. Its most distinctive architectural feature — red brick Victorian townhouses and mansions — have for years been losing the battle against the wrecker’s ball and green glass condo towers.

Thankfully, however, Toronto has been blessed by nature. Rivers and wooded ravines snake through the city and down to Lake Ontario. They are havens for wildlife and people.

One of the more spectacular bursts of nature in Canada’s biggest urban environment occurs every year around Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s the salmon run up the Humber River. And it’s a sight to behold.

The run last month, through the city’s west end, attracted avid anglers, giddy amateurs and onlookers like me, marveling at the sheer number and size of the salmon. The river was alive with them. Fishermen wading through the low running water could literally reach down and grab the salmon as they thrashed on the rocky riverbed to spawn. ...

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