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Taiwan: "Black Horse Jumps [Into] White House"

That's the tagline Taiwan cable TV station CTI tacked at the top of the screen for its Obama inauguration preview bits.

The island's manic media was obsessed today by sensational new revelations in a corruption case involving a former Taiwanese president. But it still had time for a few Obama spots. TV stations ran footage about Obama's family and childhood, along with soundbites from Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X speeches.

The evening paper here, The United Evening News, ran front-page photos of Obama with paint-roller in hand, from his community service yesterday. A cartoon balloon read "[I'm] entering the White House, but first I'll be a painter." And it ran in translation the odds from
Irish bookies Paddy Power on the likelihood of different phrases appearing in Obama's speech today (most likely phrase: "Change has come" at 8 to 1; least likely: "Always bet on black," at 500 to 1).

The best-selling Apple Daily newspaper buried Obama inauguration stories in its back section. But true to its tabloid format, it made sure to run a photo of two fetching "mei nu" (pretty women) bundled up on The Mall in Washington for the pre-inauguration celebration.

 A screen shot from Era ("Nian Dai") News, a Taiwan cable news station. The text at bottom is a translation of Obama saying "[America] needs a new Declaration of Independence," from his speech in Philadelphia on Saturday.

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