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What are they buying?

Last Sunday Taiwan began passing out NT$3,600 (about US$108) in consumer vouchers to every citizen, in a bid to jolt the island's flagging economy. (Read my story on that here). I asked several Taiwanese how they'd use their haul.

"We'll buy household goods, like diapers. Maybe we'll plan a weekend trip somewhere like Taichung [a city in central Taiwan]." 

Eric Lai, 34, pictured at right with his wife (holding the red envelopes containing the consumer vouchers), and two daughters in stroller.


"I'll give mine to my mom, so she can use them. She can buy a small computer or computer equipment."

Parking lot attendant Lu Jun-hui, 18, above




Taiwanese collect their consumer vouchers, in red envelopes, at a distribution point in Taipei (left).







Taiwan premier Liu Chao-shiuan holds up his vouchers for TV cameras, at a Taipei flower market (right).




"The three of us are going to pool our vouchers together and buy a flat-screen TV or a new scooter. I have another younger brother, but he's already married so he won't join us."

Tsao Teng-ke, 30, pictured at left, above, with his mother and younger brother