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"Milkshake Murderer" gets chance at new trial

Nancy Kissel, the wannabe socialite from Connecticut who was convicted in 2005 of murdering her investment banker husband in Hong Kong, may get a chance at a new trial after Hong Kong's Court of Appeal ruled Tuesday that the judge in the original trial may have erred in allowing prosecutors to cross-examine her about statements made by her original attorneys in the case.

Dubbed the "Milkshake Murderer" because she is alleged to have drugged her husband into unconciousness by spiking his milkshake with tranquilizers before bludgeoning him to death, Kissel has been in jail on a life sentence since her conviction.

Hong Kong's Court of Appeal said the case raised a "specific legal issue of great and general importance." The ruling comes months after the same court threw out an appeal and rejected claims that she had not received a fair trial.