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Some in Taiwan disappointed by lack of tsunami

TAIPEI, Taiwan — The tsunami that wasn't left some in Taiwan disappointed.

The island was warned that a small tsunami from Chile's quake could hit Taiwan around 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Far from evacuating, though, some Taiwanese actually went to the beach with their kids for the show, according to local TV reports cited by Deutsche Presse Agentur.

"Holding cameras and binoculars, the holidays makers — some bringing along their children — waited on the shore for hours, but were disappointed when no tsunami appeared at the predicted time.

"'It's a pity that the tsunami did not come. We came all the way to see the tsunami,' one holiday maker said while snapping pictures of the sea."

Taiwan's central weather bureau said the island was removed from the tsunami advisory list early Sunday. But officials still warned the public to stay away from the beaches Sunday and Monday — apparently, with little effect.

Government records show that the latest tsunami to cause significant damage in Taiwan was in 1867, when at least 200 were killed in the port city of Keelung after a strong quake hit northern Taiwan and triggered large waves.

Experts write that Taiwan's eastern coast drops off into a deep ocean trench, making it less vulnerable to tsunamis. The flatter west coast is more vulnerable, but there's far less seismic activity off that coast.