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Cop v. betel nut beauty

The talk of Taiwan this week is a confrontation between a cop and a scantily-clad "betel nut beauty." I wrote about this uniquely Taiwanese sales technique here.

It all started when a cop criticized the beauty for wearing too little. She objected, then hurled a stream of colorful Taiwanese profanity at him and attempted to lower the metal shutter to her shop.

In security camera footage from two angles (Taiwan is blanketed with such cameras, which are a constant TV news source), the cop then shoves the beauty outside the sidewalk, flips her to the ground, and drags her away.

The cop has since been relieved of his post, according to local media. But controversy rages on talk shows, with some arguing the beauty went too far in provoking the cop.

Betel nut girls wear revealing outfits to lure customers. Reveal too much, though, and they'll get fined or chastised by the cops. Deciding what's "too" revealing is arbitrary -- creating a recipe for confusion, or worse.