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Bridge over the Atlantic

“This [event] would be impossible in France,” says Alexandre Goudineau, who moved to Chicago from his native Paris five months ago with his half-American girlfriend. He’s now working as an administrative assistant at the World Trade Center.
“In France people need to be better integrated. America is a country made with immigrants and France is not.”
He says that Obama can help rebuild the bridge over the Atlantic.
“I think that Europe and America still remain very good friends and have a lot in common. But what is true is that Europe was frustrated when American decides for everyone and seems a bit arrogant regarding Iraq. I think that Obama said he would change that and have a better point of view.”
He’s was grateful to be in Chicago during the election: being in Grant Park when he sealed the victory was a “thrill.” But the verdict is still out on the young new president.

“I think he’s a great speaker. Now we are waiting for action.”