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Representing America's immigrants

“This day is enormous, moving," says Kayode Lookman, recalling the speech. "How his father wouldn’t have been served, but he is president.” Lookman is a Nigerian immigrant who runs PC Services Worldwide, a computer sales company on Chicago’s south side.

Lookman, who’s been living here for 20 years, works in the south side neighborhood of Bridgeport but says he lives a few blocks from Obama in Hyde Park, further south.

He says Obama’s story is his story.

“We are all immigrants. [Chicago Mayor] Daley is Irish. [Embattled Illinois Governor Rod] Blagojevich is where he’s from. Reporters can’t even pronounce his name! Obama is what he is. There’s no difference. We are all immigrants”

He’s been watching TV all morning at his office. He was inspired, he says, but he didn’t cry when Obama was sworn in.

“I’m not going to shed tears. I didn’t come from slaves so maybe I can’t understand that. But I’m very moved.”

Does this help alleviate the history of slavery in America?

“This does not change history,” he says. “The history is still there. But the difference is this country belongs to all of us now.”

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