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Windy city bipartisanship

Shawn Healy is the membership director for the Chicago Young Republicans.

Was he disappointed in the results of the election?

“Certainly,” he says. “but [Obama’s] rise is an affirmation of the greatness of this nation and the permanence of its institutions.”

He says so far Obama’s been saying some of the, so-to-speak, right things. Healy says the CYPs organization is happy that the new president has made a “commitment to capitalism” and has promised to reduce government waste.

The group is also pleased that Obama recognizes that the “War on terror is an enduring challenge that we must meet face first.”

The plans for Healy’s organization this evening include a gathering after the inauguration at the Irish bar Dugan’s to “talk about what it means to be a Republican and the future of the G.O.P.”

In the spirit of Obama’s anti red-state-blue-state polarization, Healy himself put aside political differences and offers up some nonpartisan praise.

“For a man of African heritage to move into a mansion built by slaves and lead our great nation is a triumph over centuries of bigotry and the greatest pockmark on our celebrated national narrative.”

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