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Is Bangkok set to explode?

Thailand's "red shirt" protesters have once again massed in the city's upscale Rachaprasong neighborhood. According to Reuters, some 20,000 gathered there Wednesday evening.

"We will use the Rachaprasong area as the final battleground to oust the government," protest leader Nattawut Saikua told reporters on Wednesday, referring to the hotel and shopping district a couple of blocks from Bangkok's financial area. "There will be no more negotiations."

Economic concerns are rising, too. Here's a money quote from the above Reuters piece:

"Investment bank Morgan Stanley calculates economic growth this year could be cut by 0.2 percentage points due to the impact on tourism, which accounts for 6 percent of gross domestic product in the "Land of Smiles" and employs 1.8 million people."

Our own Patrick Winn is on the scene. He's filed this great On Location video on how this week's bloody protests are playing with locals and tourists alike: