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Arias keeps talks going to find Honduras solution

Talks to end the Honduran standoff are continuing into the early morning hours here in San José behind closed-doors at President Oscar Arias’ home, after two Hondurans came agreeing only on one thing: They refuse to negotiate.

Honduras’ de facto president, Roberto Micheletti, departed this evening after a three-hour meeting with Arias, who is serving as mediator through the process, leaving behind a commission that possibly could hammer out an agreement with Manuel Zelaya, whom the military kicked out of the country on June 28.

An agreement, however, seemed unlikely at first. Both men had sunk their heels so deeply in their individual demands. Micheletti said Zelaya must go to jail if he sets foot in Honduras. For his part Zelaya said Micheletti should go to jail with the rest of the administration Zelaya calls golpistas (coup leaders) and criminals.

However, Nobel Peace Prize wielding Arias trudges on through the night.

“The conversation needs to continue and I think the parties involved agree it needs to continue,” Arias said.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the San José talks.