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Czech court gives Lisbon Treaty the go-ahead

The Czech Constitutional Court has ruled that the Lisbon Treaty is not at odds with the Czech Constitution, or with national sovereignty. The ruling clears the way for Czech President Vaclav Klaus to sign the treaty, which would streamline European Union bureaucracy and politics. Of course, whether Klaus — who is notoriously hostile toward all things EU — will actually sign it remains to be seen. But both Czech Prime Minister Jan Fischer and current EU President Fredrik Reinfeldt said today they believed Klaus would sign. The two men, along with Jose Manuel Barroso, the European Commision's chief, have all praised the court's ruling today. So far the Castle (where the Czech President lives and works) has been silent.

The Lisbon Treaty has been ratified by 26 of the 27 EU member states. And the treaty has also been passed by both houses of Czech parliament. The only thing it needs to become fully, and finally, approved is Klaus's signature. So will he sign? As reported yesterday, Prime Minister Jan Fischer believes the president will sign, as does the EU's current president. Klaus himself has hinted that his signature is inevitable — saying that the Lisbon Treaty has come so far that it cannot be stopped now. Still, there is no word of when he will sign.