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The death of Mubarak's grandson

Cairo has come to a standstill, and Egyptians aren’t happy about it. Mohamed Mubarak, grandson of President Hosni Mubarak, died Monday night in Paris. He had been hospitalized for a couple of days, following an undisclosed medical condition.

Mubarak, age 12, died for reasons Egypt won’t confirm. He was flown in from Paris this morning and buried in Cairo this afternoon.

Many streets around the city were closed to facilitate the mourning family’s transportation. Most Egyptian television channels have begun playing Koranic verses on repeat, an honor typically reserved for the death of a leading Egyptian figure.

Several Egyptians I’ve spoken to today have expressed displeasure about the fact that the young Mubarak is being honored in this way. It seems an imperial gesture in a country that calls itself a republic, some have intimated to me.

Mohamed Mubarak grew up in Cairo and was the son of Alaa Mubarak, a son of the president who didn’t hold any of his own political ambitions.