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More protests calling for change in Egypt’s capital

Security forces and members of Egypt’s opposition clashed in downtown Cairo today for the second time this month.

Scuffles broke out after pro-reform demonstrators taunted police, cursing and screaming at them. At least two police officers had headgear ripped from their heads.

Security responded by pushing protesters back against the thick cordon of riot soldiers.

Protesters screamed “freedom!” and “down with Hosni Mubarak,” and even chanted the name of Mohamed ElBaradei, the man many Egyptians hope will challenge Mubarak in the 2011 presidential election.

Constitutional laws, backed by Mubarak’s National Democratic Party, will most likely prohibit serious challengers from even entering the race.

Today’s demonstration took place outside the office of Egypt’s public prosecutor, as members of the Kefaya, or “enough”, movement attempted to file complaints of police brutality from the April 6th protest. During that demonstration, police dragged and beat protesters, and confiscated cameras from journalists.

Journalists were permitted to enter the police cordon today.

But ironically given the nature of this demonstration, several journalists reported more instances of police brutality, including beating so severe a protester was rendered unconscious.