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Let them eat Galette!

Flaky, buttery, almond paste-filled goodness is back. French bakeries are again selling the galette des rois, which usually makes its appearance every year in time to celebrate Epiphany, around Jan. 6. A traditional “kings’ cake” is made of layers of puff pastry filled with frangipane, but in other parts of the country, it can be filled with a fruit paste or adorned with candied fruits, like the jewels of a king’s crown. The cake is baked with a surprise “feve” inside and whoever finds the trinket — increasingly they are plastic cartoon characters — in his or her slice is decreed king or queen for a day. Good fortune for the year is expected to come to the person who also has the honor of wearing the paper crown that comes with the cake. The melt-in-your mouth confections are consumed at galette parties throughout the month of January, the only time of year they are sold.