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An iceberg in the Seine is just the tip of the campaign

An iceberg floating on the Seine against an Eiffel tower backdrop, especially at the start of summer, is certain to raise some eyebrows. And that’s exactly what Greenpeace was counting on when it inflated, and later removed, a 52-foot-high fake iceberg in the river earlier this week in order to draw attention to global warming. A simple message was aimed at President Nicolas Sarkozy and the other leaders attending the G8 summit in L’Aquila, Italy: “Climate leadership now.” 

As part of its campaign “countdown to Copenhagen” — complete with a ticking clock — the organization is ramping up activity ahead of the December conference when the heads of the world's most powerful economies are expected to discuss and perhaps reach new agreements on climate change. According to an advertisement on the organization’s website: “Leaders act, politicians talk. It’s time for climate action!”