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Former ambassador to Paraguay in France receives slap on the wrist for misconduct

The former ambassador to Paraguay in France, who became embroiled in an investigation that included claims he mistreated workers employed at his official residence, has been sanctioned by his government for “the commission of serious misconduct,” according to a statement from his country's Ministry of the Exterior.

The government’s decision to suspend Luis Fernando Avalos without pay for 30 days and note the penalty in his personnel file is the culmination of a sweeping investigation into mismanagement of the embassy that began in May 2009 shortly before he was relieved of his Paris post and recalled to Paraguay.

The workers, Ernesto Torres and Fermina Bogarin, who told their story to GlobalPost last year despite fears of reprisal, filed a complaint against Avalos in October 2008 in which they accused their former employer of abuse that included and withholding their wages.

The pair was disappointed in the case’s outcome and the light penalty, which they called a "mockery."

In a signed letter to government officials in Paraguay, they expressed “indignation for the mockery that the extremely low sanction represents.

"Now this man can mock honest citizens and injustice falls anew on the weakest," they wrote in the letter.

Torres and Bogarin who still live in Paris have said they will not seek further redress.