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Need to know: That new investigations show that Afghani warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum was responsible for the deaths of hundreds, possibly thousands, of prisoners in 2001, while he was on the payroll of the CIA. The Bush administration discouraged investigation of the matter, even after urgings from the F.B.I., the State Department and the Red Cross. Now Physicians for Human Rights is spearheading efforts to get the Obama administration to look into the case. Read more about the controversial Dostum in "Hero on horseback or mass murderer?"

Want to know: That  a new global survey has found a vast improvement in views of the United States since the election of President Barack Obama. But it also finds broad opposition to one of his key policies — sending more troops to Afghanistan — and confirms a drop in confidence in the United States among Israelis.

You can track what countries are watching Obama's speeches on YouTube, which has a new feature which shows a cool map of where viewers are watching a particular story. For instance you can see where Obama's speeches are most watched. Fascinating stuff.

In the Dominican Republic, baseball sensation Miguel Sano has had DNA and bone tests to determine if he is really 16 years old and will qualify for a multi-million dollar signing to a U.S. team, possibly the Pittsburgh Pirates. GlobalPost has been following the fortunes of shortstop Sano for months in our series "Dominican Dreams."

Dull but important:  Veep Joe Biden assured Georgia (the country, not the state) that the U.S. stands behind it in their continuing conflicts with Russia. Biden gave his message of support while visiting Tbilisi, just a year after Georgia's disastrous war with Russia. Biden, however, told the Georgians to abandon their hopes of reclaiming by force two parts of Russia that are populated by ethnic Georgians.

Just because: We like art, so we are interested in the growth of contemporary art in China. The slide show has great images of several compelling sculptures.

Wacky: For centuries, the faithful have stuffed prayers written on scraps of paper into the ancient cracks in the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem. In recent years they could fax or e-mail their prayers - and now they can tweet them, too. Yes, there is now a Twitter account for the Western Wall of old Jerusalem.

Take a look at a dog that is currently taking Japan by storm - the eyebrow dog. Very cute.