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Chatter: What we're hearing

Need to know: Two suicide bombers killed at least 39 people in Lahore, Pakistan. The attacks occurred within seconds of each other and targeted military vehicles as they passed through a crowded area. Six of the dead were army personnel. About 95 people were wounded. There have been several attacks on Lahore in the past year. On Monday the Taliban destroyed a building used by intelligence services, killing 13.

Want to know: A senior UN official has called for Burma's military rulers to be investigated over allegations of crimes against humanity and war crimes perpetrated against Burmese civilians, in a move that will sharply increase pressure on the isolated regime ahead of controversial national elections due later this year.

Dull but important: Israel's latest insult to the Obama administration is shortsighted and may come back to trouble that country, according to GlobalPost columnist HDS Greenway.

Just because: Germany's widening sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church is embroiling Pope Benedict XVI and his brother, Georg Ratzinger.

Wacky: A dog from the 16th century who went down with English King Henry VIII's ill-fated flagship the Mary Rose, has stolen the show at Britain's Crufts dog show this year. The two-year old mongrel, who drowned when the Tudor warship sank 465 years ago, is a special guest of the Kennel Club. The reconstructed skeleton, poised on its haunches, acquired the nickname "Hatch" after divers discovered her remains near the sliding hatch door of the Mary Rose's carpenter's cabin. Experts from the Mary Rose Trust believe she almost certainly earned her keep as the ship's "ratter" — superstitious Tudor sailors did not have cats on board as they were thought to bring bad luck.