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Chatter: What we're hearing

Need to know: What is going on in Thailand? Here are five points that will help you understand the unfolding situation.

Want to know: In a rare moment of cooperation, U.S and Cuban officials are holding talks on how to respond to the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The talks add to signs of concern that strong currents could carry the slick far from the site of the spill, possibly threatening the Florida Keys and the pristine white beaches along Cuba's northern coast.

Dull but important: A commemorative marker will be placed at the site in Russia of the plane crash that killed Polish president Lech Kaczynski. Also new evidence shows that at least two passengers visited the plane's cockpit before it crashed on April 10, and others may have chatted on cell phones, possibly affecting navigation as the crew battled heavy fog over challenging terrain.

Just because: Pakistan's government ordered internet service providers to block Facebook amid anger over a page that encourages users to post images of Islam's Prophet Muhammad. The page on the social networking site has generated criticism in Pakistan and elsewhere because Islam prohibits any images of the prophet. The government took action after a group of Islamic lawyers won a court order Wednesday requiring officials to block Facebook until May 31. By Wednesday evening, access to the site was sporadic, apparently because Internet providers were implementing the order.

The Facebook page at the center of the dispute - "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" - encourages users to post images of the prophet on May 20 to protest threats made by a radical Muslim group against the creators of "South Park" for depicting Muhammad in a bear suit during an episode earlier this year.

Wacky: The mascots for the London 2012 Olympics have been unveiled to mixed reviews. Take a look and see for yourself. You heard it here first: These will not be the mascots used in the London Olympics.