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Reports: Nigerian's ticket bought in Ghana

Here are a few things to keep in mind about Ghana's connection to the Nigerian man who allegedly tried to bomb a U.S. airliner on Christmas Day.

West Africa is a cash society. Very few people use credit cards. And there are wealthy Nigerians everywhere, and they spend cash, sometimes lavishly at restaurants, nightclubs and retail outlets. So while it would be odd in the U.S., for example, to drop $2,831 cash for an airline ticket, it's not here.

That's what happened Dec. 16 at the KLM office in Accra, according to several media outlets citing the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab allegedly tried to detonate an explosive device while the Northwest Airlines flight approached Detroit. He's now in custody in Michigan. Authorities in the United States and elsewhere are investigating alleged ties to Al Qaeda.

Also, it was initially reported that the ticket was one way, which would normally be another red flag for security officials. But that was incorrect. The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority said it was a round-trip ticket from Lagos (Nigeria) to Detroit, via Amsterdam.